One year ago, we nixed our daily newspaper and replaced it with a modern college media company. It wasn't about revenue, reserve funds, rebranding or retweets. It was about a revolution. This is May 23. The day everything changed.
But today is about more than a year-old Revolution. It's about inventing a new future.

We don't let problems push us around. We don't wait for perfect solutions. We seek progress. Every day, every week, every month. We throw ideas at the whiteboard wall. We erase what sucks (most of it) and keep the rest. We stay up too late, wake up too early and often drink too much coffee.

We launch new ventures. We fail. We learn. We improve. We do it again.

This is the new normal in college media. The one thing we can never do is give up.

Care to join us? Let's go. #collegemedia